Workshop Does BCI mean business?

Workshop: Does BCI mean business for Augmentative and Alternative Communication?

Where: 6th international Brain-Computer Interface conference, Asilomar, USA

When: Thursday, 2nd of June 2016

Organizer:  Femke Nijboer (, Melanie Fried-Oken (, Douglas K. R. Robinson and Theresa Vaughan

In the EU and the US, BCI researchers have been holding meetings about the challenges and opportunities needed to form synergy between BCI and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Stakeholders, including experts from neuroscience, engineering, computer science, AAC, people with locked-in syndrome, progressive neuromuscular disorders and SCI, families, industry and the general public participated in structured conversations about what would bring BCI and AAC to market and to society. We now engage the international BCI expert community in these discussions to ensure that we design BCIs better, establish meaningful technology transfer, and impact BCI uptake by children and adults with complex communication needs and their caring communities. We must develop technology transfer plans that address international and crossvalue-chain perspectives. The workshop continues the multi-stakeholder perspective that characterized the US and Dutch initiatives, exploring multi-dimensional factors that shape the technology transfer process beyond technical dimensions. Issues such as establishing consensus measures across stakeholders, manufacturability and standards, regulations and norms, user values, business aspects and differences in healthcare settings will be elaborated, focusing on creating a healthy innovation landscape for invasive and non-invasive BCI that deliver societal and economic value.